Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Lot of Work in Progress

All righty then. I had a wonderful birthday month, having celebrated all month, saw some cool people and other amazing things. Now it's back to work. Creative work that is. That's the only kind right? And I'm sure you're ready to see some more work from me. So here we go!

Wandi Mermaids are in the works. I now have their eyes painted and will make their bikini tops. Then I will bead the heck on them. I can't wait to get their hair on. I'll take a pic of the beads when I open them. They are so yummy.

More voodoo doll pin minions. I do feel like a mad scientist at times.

These gals have bodies made of tea dyed fabric. That's about as good as I can get with the dyeing. It can be messy, dyeing, and I'm not that coordinated to do it on a large scale. I do appreciate and admire those who do it well.

These ladies are new. Same pattern as the first voodoo doll pins but are dressed in black and white because they will be my Goth voodoo doll pins. All of them will have red hearts and more paint. I have to give them hair and the Goth ones will have beads.

The remaining pics are the backgrounds of future postcards. The 2 above will be sea like. And the other 2 will be abstract in design.

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Kim said...

oh- just looking at all of your hard work makes me want to get into the craft room and create!!! I think maybe I'm going to have to just start getting up an hour earlier and having an hour to myself before work and life invade- I miss making things! I love it all Wendy- great work. The little army of VooDoo doll pins is sooo cute ♥ I love them all piled together like that!

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