Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1

Hello October! I'm so glad you're here and you brought way cooler temperatures with you. Thanks. The trees are starting to turn colors, I love that. I had to write my first blog of October today, well, tonight. I'm so tired. Got my dollies into the gallery yesterday and I felt a little sad. Hopefully they will find wonderful people to adopt them and they will spend their time in wonderful homes. My apartment is quiet. Yes, they were having a party, sometimes without me, but they're gone.

I'm pooped. My brain is still foggy and my eyes are doing weird things. They don't want to cooperate at all and just want to close. I've started cleaning and straightening my apartment and art room, just so I can mess up again. The holidays are coming you know. I will take the next week to take it easy, catch up on sleep. Then I will become a creative juggernaut and kick butt these next three months. Here are some of my Witch Voodoo Doll Pins, Miss Siliendra the fortune teller, and Marley Batsheva.

Miss Siliendra. She started out as a he, like in pirate but had other ideas and became a fortune teller. Sometimes they just take over in what they want to become.

Witch Voodoo Doll Pins. I knew I had tiny brooms for them but could I find them? Nooooo. So I sent them on their way to the gallery and one sold today. Of course as soon as I started cleaning up, I found the brooms. The next batch will have them.

The is Marley Batsheva, a Ghostie Girl. I still have to make her bats and will be able to turn her into the gallery on Monday. She loves bats so much, she's started her own bat circus.

I would like to welcome Jennifer OK to the party of

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