Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I can't believe this month is almost over. It hasn't exactly been the most productive month looking back at my calendar. I am so behind. I know, I know, I'm being way too hard on myself. I did manage to have my first one woman show and I did get a commission. I guess one can't be working all the time. I needed to recharge my creative batteries.

Now I'm getting ready to do NaNoWrimo (National Write A Novel In A Month) in November. I know!!!!!! I'm a crazy gal but I've got the attention span of a gnat. I will really have to focus because not only do I have the commission to do but get ready for the holidays, and two shows in February. Yes, 2012. EEK! Along with the job thing and writing and Turkey Day. I can do it. One day at a time. One project at a time. Well... maybe not. I'll be working on several projects at a time. But it should be one fun ride.

For NaNo this year, I have four stories I'm working on. I have them all started and they are in various degrees of being finished. What I'd like to do is finish them. Have solid rough drafts so that I can them flesh them out, edited, and be ready for publication of some sort. One story may take off faster than the next but I shouldn't get any type of writer's block. If I do, I'll just move to the next story. The goal is 50,000 words in 30 days. I will have to get a good start right off the bat, November 1st and work hard to get a good word count in the first three days. I'll be helping friends at their BBQ location at the Persimmon Festival, then a good friend will be coming in from Michigan the following weekend, and my job has it's fair the next weekend after my friend leaves, and after that is Turkey Day. Yeah, 50,000 words and more dolls. November should prove to be quite interesting or I'll lose a lot of hair. Maybe some weight. Off for more plotting and planning.

Have a great day people!


Wendy Lu said...

It is extremely scary how quickly time is flying this year. I can hardly believe I'm already halfway into my sophomore year of college! Crazy!

I'm so excited to hear that you will be joining NaNoWriMo. Do update us on how NaNo goes for you. Can't wait to share novel-writing experiences together, Wendy!


The Red Angel Blog

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Hi Red Angel. Congrats on almost being done with your sophomore year. Woo hoo! Are you doing NaNo too? I'm so far behind on checking other sites but I'm also getting ready for a holiday craft show& sale. Never a dull moment. I will post my progress and hop on over to you page. See ya!

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