Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Works in Progress

I've been working on several projects at the same time. Crazy? Maybe, but that's how things are going right now. I'm working on samples to two doll making classes coming up. Behind. Yup, but still doing it. I seem to get a block and have to stop and think things through. One of my patterns wasn't working out, so that had to be redone. And it got redone again. Just love the creative process. You keep hammering at it until you get it to look the way you want. Emily is a pattern I used for a doll in the Delta Arts Center Exhibit. I like her a lot, so I'm going to offer her as a class.

Here's a brown Emily. The ones in the exhibit were tea dyed. The students will have a choice of putting a stuffing pellet sack in her bottom so she can sit better or not.

Two Emily dolls, Garnet and Garner twin dolls.

Fabric chosen for the Emily dolls.

Fabric for the twins, Garnet and Garner.


Kim said...

you go girl!!!! I work on more than one thing at a time too- but we know I am crazy :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I think that's what keeps us going Kim.

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