Thursday, August 22, 2013

Battleground Park - 5 August

Another post dated post. I will catch up on things very soon.  Battleground Park aka Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.  Maya took me to the park so we could play an interactive game.  I love that park.  It's the site for a Revolutionary War battle between General Greene (colonist and supposedly Greensboro was named after him) and General Cornwallis (British), who lost.  Amazing tactics on General Greene's part and now I must brush up on my Revolutionary War history.  There's tons of it right here in my backyard.  This is my first historic battleground I've visited.  I drove past Gettysburg once and that was solemn and creepy at the same time.

There are many monuments and graves there.  The walking/biking/car trails are excellent.  The Visitor's Center is very nice with a museum, small auditorium and gift shop with some awesome books in it.  And once a year, not too far from the park, there is a reinactment of the battle.  I have a friend who would go out there in costume.  I may just have to join her next year, if she's still going.

One cool story (this is a present day person looking back on history and it's many stories, war is not cool at all) is of a British soldier who died and was never found.  Years later, a farmer was plowing the area and found skeletal remains.  Years after that, DNA testing was done and his family found back in England.  I want to find other stories like that and get my costume designed.

Statue of General Greene.

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