Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello August! (post dated)

I wrote this the day my laptop crashed, so I'm posting it today.

This is late.  I didn't do an end of the month blog (July) wrap-up because my computer was on the fritz.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  Life just keeps throwing things at me (pies, greasy piglets, engine blocks) just to keep me on my toes.  I couldn't believe it.  I tried to be positive after crying myself to sleep the night it decided it was going to mess with my mind.  I told myself that crap happens.  They call it life.

I decided to let it go.  August 1, I had to run errands.  That's a great way to suck the creative juices from you.  Got home and tried to reinstall Windows.  Nothing.  I had lunch and read a book.  Loamhedge by Brian Jacques.  One of my favorite authors and I've been blessed to have met him before he passed away.  He writes the Redwall series, and I still have a few more books in the series to read.

I worked on my Google+ introduction for when I get back on my laptop.  For the rest of the day I wrote and worked on a doll.  I'll also add some sketching.  Halloween is approaching and I've got to get busy.

What I accomplished last month (July):

  • Bless This House quilt top
  • six doll pins, one a special order
  • four short story rough drafts
  • Map Hunter II rough draft, finished two days ahead of schedule
  • finished my short stay for whenever I get to make a Regency gown
  • finished my blue dragonfly blouse
  • read two adult books, one kid book
  • one landscape painting
I did okay giving up TV for the month.  I fell off the truck four times but as the month went on, I didn't miss it.  I did get the weather in the morning before my walk and I watched Under the Dome every Monday night and Sunday Morning for three Sundays.  I think that's pretty good and I don't really need TV.  I will continue to listen to my music during the day and watch movies.  I plan on giving up sitting for so long at a time and do more stretching and drink more water for August.

For this month, and it will be a bit crazy, I will attempt:
  • finish one more quilt top
  • make another blouse for me
  • read three books
  • Map Hunter III rough draft
  • two short story rough drafts
  • finish my socks
  • goo gobs of Halloween stuff
  • a painting a week, does not include sketches or practice pieces, yeah that may be harsh but we'll see
  • finish my mermaid
I am off to do, something.  Hopefully my laptop can be saved.

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