15, 16, 17-29 Faces

Catching up but still behind two faces. This is more challenging than expected because I'm trying to get new work done to jury into a show. And that deadline is fast approaching. Eek! So here they are.

Sun Goddess. I wanted to limit my color palette and used three color pencils. Two reds and a blue. She may have to be a doll.

The last two are done with a 6B pencil. I've only done three male faces and I think I will add to that group. Gotta go.


Astera said…
Nice sketches! The guys turned out really well, very alive.
Cindy D. said…
The male faces are great but that sun goddess, wow! Terrific limited palette and I love her accessories!
Wow the Sun Goddess is beautiful
marilyn said…
Geez ...I just don't know which one to like best...they are all so fab. I am partial to any bunny but that talking ghost hat is too good and did you get a photo of me for the Rag Doll Lady ? The sun goddess is sizzling.
Jackie said…
Such great, skilful drawings, and so varied. I have very much enjoyed looking at the ones below, too. Thank you!
Steven W. Dunn said…
Wendy, your faces amaze me-What an imagination! Each one has such character and life. You go girl!!
Clare Lloyd said…
Love your sun goddess face.
Thanks everyone. Wow! I can't wait to finish this series up. You all have made my day.

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