29 Faces - 1

I'm doing 29 Faces this month and I am a wee bit behind. I will catch up though. Here's my first face. Done with a permanent pen and I tried to keep one continuous line. I did okay but I think I will try it again.


marilyn said…
This is great for continuous line ! Welcome !
Abi said…
Sounds like a fun challenge! Love your face!
paper yum said…
This is such a great challenge and so nicely done.
She looks great, I think it turned out well!
Lindsay Whimsy said…
Lovely sketch! I look forward to seeing more of your faces! :)
Glenda Hoagland said…
Such a fun drawing. You did a great job with the all in one line sketch
Thanks everyone. You have encouraged me to keep going. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your faces too.
Cheryl Ann said…
Fun! I love continuous line drawings. Such a creative exercise. Good job!

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