Saturday, April 4, 2015


I am so grateful that I have a friend who knows his way around computers. My laptop is cooperating right now. Things are being backed up. Back to posting and writing. Still working on my short story and new quilts.

I liked working on my challenge piece that will be for sale. I will post the site information when I get it. It really felt good working with Creative Paper Clay. I'm still new to it and still working it out. I know what to do the next time. And that's coming up because the next theme is 'Monsters in My Room'. I won't say what I'm doing but will post my progress.

The first challenge was 'Cast a Spell'.  It could be a book of spells, a witch, whatever. I decided to do a witch holding a wand and a crystal ball. I had lofty ideas which didn't turn out the way I thought they would but I finished and I like her even more. Lots of mental notes for the next project.

I started with a drawing the size of a shadow box I was going to use.

Once I started building her up, I realized the shadow box was too deep and I would need something different. So I thought of using a frame, which worked in the end. What I learned, for next time, is to make a small flat base to add the clay to, which can then be glued onto a board. I was also going to use a real marble but it didn't look right in the frame. If I had used the shadow box, the real marble would have worked better.

Here she is done. I like her clay hair, her hat, and the ghosts coming out of the ball. She's got a goofy look that I like too. I painted the frame (wood), using a gold metallic opaque marker. Gotta get more of those in different colors. The frame can sit on a desk or be hung on a wall. I like her as my first non-quilt project for the year. See ya!

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