Saturday, April 4, 2015

Yeah, I'm Late

Okay, I was supposed to post this on the 1st but the schedule didn't allow it. So here it is.

The last two days of March were very good. I was productive and actually finished a project for an online challenge. Got pics taken and this morning I couldn't get onto a friend's wireless service. Something in my laptop was being persnickety. Really? Trying to keep this creative streak going and I can't connect to the internet. March wasn't that good. Business for the quilt service was very low. I started to think that it was a bad idea and proceeded to beat myself up. I told myself that the business is still new. Continue to practice on Leonidas and look forward to good things. My creative mojo was coming back. I was ready to get started on a new month and I can't get online. My friend thinks there's a glitch in the connection in my laptop. Which means I may not be able to get online even with a cord connection. Really? Seriously?

I could have spiraled back into my dark hole I just crawled out of. My laptop is getting old. It's almost six years old. Not now.

So I took a deep breath and prepped fabric for another quilt. I will cut out pieces today. The next challenge them is 'Monsters in My Room'. So I'll sketch that. I will make today a productive day. I'm writing this out longhand for when I'm able to get online.

Here's what went on last month:
3 - Books read
1 - Short story worked on
2 - Business quilts longarmed
1 - Wendy quilt top made
1 - Day trip to the grand opening of Trailer Stash Fabrics
4 - World of Wendy Lu blog posts
9 - Wendy B Quilts blog posts
1 - Quilt workshop attended, made two blocks
2 - Practice wall hangings done on the longarm
1 - Challenge piece, 'Cast a Spell'

Not bad. Looking back at things. Not great either. I will work to keep my creative mojo moving in the right direction. And I will work on being nicer to me and cutting myself some slack. I repeat, cut myself some slack.

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