Monday, May 9, 2016

30 Day Challenge

I've started going to a Life Transformation group to make my life amazing. So far so good. It's led by life transformation coach Megan North Shuford. We did exercises, writing on index cards what we want, what we want to be, do and all thinking about how it will make us feel once we get those things. She challenged us to do one thing for 30 days that will lead to the big goal. No matter how big or small that thing is, do something each day. It doesn't matter if you get the goal at the end of the 30 days, it may come in 30 months but the thing is to get moving towards a goal. I've taken on that challenge.

I've wanted to make doll clothes. I've always loved dolls and having a background in costuming, why not? So my goal is to attend Blythe Con in Tokyo and sell out of my doll clothes. The fun and excitement is getting there. Day 1: I wrote down things I would need to do. That was Saturday. Day 2: I sketched some heads and hats for one dress I've already made. I'm not going to take into account the clothes I already started. I will show them when they are done. Or maybe I'll just show what I've done. I'm not very good on challenges but I will give this my all.

The two outfits below are made out of muslin. To see if the pattern works, how it fits. I did make adjustments to the hat. It took me almost two days to get a pattern that worked for this little outfit which is based on an early 1900s bathing suit.

It took a whole day to get the dress pattern to work. I can lengthen or shorten or keep it this length.

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