Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Oh My!

We only have one Friday the 13th this year! I've got to do something special. Are there any monster drinks out there? I've got to look some up. My mom was born on the 13th of a month. I love it when her birthday falls on a Friday. I give her funny and/or creepy birthday cards because that's how I roll. Yes. I don't have much time to think up something weird or unusual to make for Friday.

My 30 Day Challenge has been challenging. the past couple of days I waited until the last minute to do something. That little voice (Bad Wendy) was telling me to go to bed. "It's okay, she said. "I can double up tomorrow." But the challenge voice (Good Wendy) said to just sketch one thing. Because it didn't matter how big or small what I did was, as long as I did something. That is the key. Especially for big goals or projects. Just do a little something everyday. It will get you closer to the finish line.

I got up this morning and started six head ornaments from the sketches I did last night. Doesn't have anything to do with the challenge but it has everything to do with Halloween which isn't that far away. I tell myself that doing a little bit at a time helps. Not to worry about the final destination but to enjoy the trip. The beat down of other negative voices continues. It's kind of fun, going after the negative Nellie's in my head.

Now that I've got the 'creative train' going again, I thought about my writing which I haven't done in a week and a half. I almost teared up. Almost. Because I stopped. Again. I was on such a roll. Today I found the rough draft of a NANOWRIMO success. I told the story to a friend and even though it isn't her favorite genre, it interested her enough that she wants to read the final version. And I value her opinion  and that she thinks highly of me and my writing. I blew the dust off  and was quite impressed by the stack of papers I had. I'll have to read the whole thing to see what I wrote and then break it down for the rewrite.

52,000 plus words in that stack of papers.

I'm also doing quite well on some of my UFPs. Unfinished Projects. I'm afraid to show the list. It's kind of scary. I have quite a few projects that are very close to being done it's ridiculous. Stay tuned.

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