Sunday, October 9, 2016


After a week of errands, paying bills, laundry, and that goofy hurricane, I can finally get back to creating. Today I'm feeling a little bit sleepy and just want to chill out before getting the week started. I am allowed that. I woke up early and started writing. Maybe that's why I'm tired. But if I didn't wake up at 4 AM to write things down, I would have totally forgotten everything. And that was after I had just gotten back to sleep after a goofy bird started chirping at 2 AM. Seriously? He must have been blown off course and didn't realize what time zone he was in. I made a spinach pie this morning and just got it out of the oven and now have on a crock pot of beans. I made rice yesterday. So now I don't have to cook for a few days. I need a nap.

More of my 31 Days of Halloween. Pumpkin Kid is ready for bed.

Conjure Woman.

#31daysofhalloween #inktober

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