Sunday, December 17, 2017

Day 5 - Challenge No Pic Post

Yeah, when I thought about it this morning, I will need to have a day off. So I'm going to go for Sundays, the beginning of my week. I did log in more creative hours last week and this week I will be working more at the other job because it's the week before Christmas. I don't know if I will match the hours I did last week so I will go for five less. That's my goal.

Today I updated my Bullet Journal. I thought it might be one of those extra things to do but when I stick to it I am finding growth in what I want to do. I'm used to making lists of things to do, but to now have a record of things that I've actually done, makes things more tangible. That I am going in the right direction and some of the things I've written down, I can now see what progress I've made. Did I actually work on a project, did I finish anything? I'm on my second Bullet Journal and I can see progress from the beaten up, almost drowned in despair from moving back to Michigan, and feeling like a failure to I can at least see some clouds. And they are clearing. Going back and reading the first journal has me thinking that all is not lost. That I had some great ideas and now I can work on those. Because they are written down and not just in my head. Before I'd write down what to do and when things got crossed off the list, I'd throw the old list away. Then I would always think that I hadn't done anything when I actually had. Now I have proof that I'm not losing my mind and it's way more fun to see a change in me and my mindset.

I also spoke to one of my cousins who has been one of my cheerleaders. We caught up with each other and I told her of my new work that I've started. She likes where it's going and she said that I made her feel better. She's been battling cancer for a few years and that made me feel good because I made her day better. With my positive thinking, go get it attitude, and I'm ready to kick some creative butt. We also did some brainstorming of creative ides. I spoke to a doll and bear artist friend and we caught up with what we were working on. Sort of like accountability partners. I told her that I was good at finally getting things started by just working on things for ten to fifteen minutes but then I realized that nothing was really getting closer to the finished stage. So that's what I will be working on this week along with the extra hours at the other job.

And the last and most important thing is I got into the doll show coming up in April. I now have a deadline. Stay tuned.

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