Monday, December 4, 2017

December: First Drawing

I got a new book for my Bullet Journal and here is my December page. I was thinking about starting a new one in January but no, I decided that December needs a month. I'm working on this to be a production month. We'll see how that goes, especially if I get a spot in a doll show this coming spring in 2018. So here is my first drawing for December.

I'm also continuing the straightening of my work area. As you can see, I've had my patterns in two cardboard boxes and I could never flip through them to see what I wanted to use. So I went through them and about five are going to the thrift store for someone else to use. The rest will go into the clear container in order of whether they are doll patterns, regular clothes patterns, or costumes.

The cutting table has been cleared off, I put away some quilting things that I won't be working on for a bit (I'll go through that box later), and cleared off the daybed that had fabric, drawings, and other stuff on it. I'm getting there. Ready to start something new. I also printed off my NaNo writings and they are ready for reworking and/or editing in January.

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