Friday, March 15, 2019

Okay Then

I refuse to allow this year to be like last year. Nope, not gonna happen. But I tell you, the past couple of months and this week has been testing me something fierce. I am a human lightning rod and weather forecaster. Because of a childhood injury, I can tell when a storm is coming. So the body was not feeling it Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Yes, I knew two storms were coming our way. One skirted a little to the south of where I am, the next one was a hit. Okay fine. But I didn't feel any better. Then I woke up Wednesday and heard about that horrible land hurricane. Yes, it looked like a hurricane over land. Slammed the West and it was heading my way. It lost some of the power by the time it got here but the winds were wicked and the thunder and lightning... wow. If this is a sign of future spring storms, we're in for it.

So that went by and I was still feeling miserable. I know Mercury in Retrograde likes to mess things up and I was doing quite well as to see certain triggers and work around them. This was something different. Got online and read about the massive solar storms we were having and were to end today. Seriously? A huge celestial and earthly trifecta of 'LET'S MESS STUFF UP'.

I survived. I'm so glad I wasn't at work, because I probably would've done something very stupid. We still have rain, Mercury is still around, the solar flares are expected to stop today, and I managed to get something worked on. I started my new projects. Making things suck. And I got one apron for the church lady's cut out and wrote in my journal. Not bad for the morning and I'm closing tonight. Co-worker is sick. Whatever.

Here's the first step. I covered Styrofoam halves with Creative Paperclay. They should be dry by tomorrow and I'll do the second step. Not counting on them being anything but I've got to learn how to work with this new medium.

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