Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feeling Great!

I am feeling great! I can't remember when I felt this good and for such a long time. Almost two months. It has taken awhile and I'm still a work in progress. I like me! I'm working on the love but I genuinely 'like me'. I like who I am. Where I am. What I'm doing to make my life better. Working towards where I want to be.

I get it. I am in control of my thoughts. No one can make me feel anyway I don't want to feel. Yes, crap happens. That's life but it's how I handle it. It's okay to get upset about some things. Better to vent than to keep it bottled up inside where it can fester and make you sick. Acknowledge it; vent; if it's a problem, think of a solution, deal with it, let it go. Move on to other fantastic things. Life is way too short to hold onto anger, guilt, frustration, hurt. It's up to me to make a difference.

Dog gone it, I get it! It is up to me to create my own life. To enjoy my life. To soar with the eagles. I can do whatever I put my mind to. If I have a big project, break it down into tiny pieces. Then I won't feel overwhelmed and give up.

Be grateful. I am so grateful for my mom, my cousin Tam, my other family members, my real friends. Those gal pals who are like my sisters. I am grateful for my apartment, my truck, my computer, even my bed because I use to sleep on the floor. Hardwood floor. I am grateful for getting up every morning because it's a new day and I can start all over again.

The only limitations are the ones I put on myself and right now, they're being kicked to the curb. There are no limits to what I can accomplish. Can't has been removed from my vocabulary. There is no can't, only can. I can do whatever. Some projects may take awhile longer but I will attempt and do. Why not?

Nothing happens without an attempt. Results don't come about unless you do. Man!!! I get it. The light bulb of life has finally turned on. What a beautiful glow.

I am surrounding myself with like minded people. People who do. People who are on the go to make their lives their own and touch someone in a special way on that journey. I promise myself that I will do at least one thing I like to do everyday. One thing that brings a smile to my face. One thing that can lead to a bigger thing that will make my life better.

Exercise helps. I'm not really big on exercising. Don't particularly like it but it's something I have to do. Push ups. Walks in the morning to start my day or after dinner to clear my mind. On days I can't walk, I pop in an exercise tape. Anything to move. Keeps the weight down, the heart healthy and the mental pathways clear. I think better if I'm exercising on a regular basis. I probably won't get crazy about it although I would like to do more Tai Chi or Hawaiian dance. I will not frte about not going to a gym. There are other ways to get fit.

I am in charge om me. I am in charge of my actions and the way I feel. It feels good to really 'feel good'.

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