Monday, May 18, 2009

Catching Up

I don't really understand how to set up my posts. I can never seem to get my pics where I want them. Okay, I will let it go. But I'm not too happy right now.

I have finished two more dolls. My goal for the month is six dolls and I have three more to go. My goal today is to work on three heads today. I've already picked out fabric for two. I have two weeks to get the three done. My personal goal, building up a stock for an upcoming show.

These are flat face cloth dolls with painted faces. They have pearl cotton joints and wired, individual fingers. Yarn hair, upholstery trim headbands, and beads for accent. I'm trying not to make too many more of these because I want to take my designs in a different direction. I want to get away from the play doll look. These dolls aren't meant to be played with anyway but some people think that they can be.

I'm striving to elevate my design to a more of an art piece. Capturing a segment in time, a gesture, an emotion. I think I will always make a flat face doll but I'm doing more 3D pieces. And will eventually get back to needle felting which I truly love and want to master.

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