Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A few weeks ago I had a really big project to complete and I had gotten stuck. I couldn't bring myself to do anything on the project to get it done while my deadline was zooming close. A friend suggested that I do something else that was creative to help get the creative spark back into what I was really suppose to be doing. So I decided to paint.

I am schooled in watercolor painting. A traditional painter, nothing abstract for me. I had some canvas board a friend gave me as a going away gift. They weren't very large but the size 10x12 terrified me. I did have a smaller board, so I used that one. I started the painting, not knowing what to do because I was using a different medium. Acrylic paint is something I'm not familiar with at all. The only thing I know about it is you can cover a whole painting and start all over and it dries fast.

Acrylic paint is so forgiving. So I attempted my little painting and when it was done, I could see all what was wrong with it. I could have fixed it but that wasn't' the point of the exercise. The point was to jump start my creative block, not to pick apart my latest creation. And the exercise worked. I was able to enjoy what I had produced, knowing that what I found at fault with it, could be addressed in another painting. I'll have it to see my progress as an acrylic painter.

My creative block was unblocked and I finished my big project. Now onto the next painting.

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