Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally, another doll!

I had started this doll many, many moons ago. I had taken a workshop with the wonderful Christine Shively and it is from her Tribal Woman pattern. All I had to do was to add more beads. That was it. The doll had been languishing for many years, waiting patiently for me to finish her. Well... here she is. She now has a spot hanging on my wall above my computer area. Yay me!

I just love her belly button bead. Her name is Tya and she comes from an island of sand, lush greenery and flowers big enough to sit under. She is dressed up in finery for the Meet and Greet Festival where the available men on the island strut their stuff.

I am behind on my doll numbers for the month. I still have time to get to my six. Now that I have her done, I believe I can do it. I have to. I told the world that I could do six in a month. So there. Hmmm... six.... different pieces. I've got a little over two more weeks. It's on.

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