Friday, June 18, 2010

Creative Mojo Still Slipping

I'm not trying to freak out about my creative mojo going off and on, hot and cold. A deck of cards not even held together by fly spit. Okay, maybe not. At times I can find thermal air and coast, then I stop myself mid-happy dance, wondering why I'm happy. Nothing's getting done. But I am doing something, it's just not dolls! Maja called me a killjoy.

Any hoo, I've been writing up a storm. Reworking my young adult adventure manuscript and my adult pirate story. I am proud of myself, me still being techno challenged, that I figured out how to resize pics on my laptop so I can post them on other sites. So totally pleased. So I've got better pics of Marlow and Jesserina and my Reaper Man. You can actually see the bead work. I didn't take the pics, Maclain Bryant did. Reaper Man will be in a separate post 'cause I'm still me and the techno stuff still wants to be the boss.


Kim said...

don't you wish you knew exactly what caused the creative mojo to disappear so you could fix it quick when it happens? I sure do! You are writing, and that takes creativity I don't possess, so I am impressed and a bit jealous :) I think it's normal to be a bit off right now, you've just lost someone close to you and just returned from quite a trip- sending you a big hug- hang in there, good Wendy has your back and I'm rooting for you too :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks for the hug Kim. I think Good Wendy is around and climbing through the pile of fabric and wool Bad Wendy threw on top of her. I will continue to work to get out of this funk.


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