Friday, June 18, 2010

Reaper Man

Wow! Isn't it amazing what a good pic can do to some work? You can see his parts. The beads and whatnot. He's a cheeky little fellow isn't he? Someone you'd go partying with and then make you wish you didn't have that last brewski.

You can see the bead work on his hat. I love this guy.

And his silver belt buckle which is on a very thin strip of very soft leather and more beads. The buckle I found in the scrap booking section. I hope you like the updated pics.


Kim said...

fabulous, fabulous!! I love his big cheeky grin! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog Wendy- I'm struggling a bit still, but the last 2 nights after work I have made myself work on projects and it is starting to feel right again. I think my creativity is coming back-the project I am finishing right now I even felt excited about last night- now that's a good sign! Hope you are feeling better every day too!

Abi said...

Oh Wendy, he is brilliant.. it's amazing what you can do with needle felting. I stand in awe.

As for me, I have no secrets!! the clay is Creative Paperclay, and I use Golden Acrylics and the brush size for features is a 10/0 spotter! I don't need to sand for too long... the clay is so very easily sanded.... as long as you don't get it too wet when applying. It seems to go quite grainy if it's very wet. If you do most of the smoothing before it dries, less sanding is needed. For the hands though, I use Polymer clay/Puppen Fimo is my favourite. Paper clay is just too flexible for hand details, I find.

My creativity comes and goes like the wind... C'est La Vie!

I hope your throat is healed and you have fully recovered from your bus ride?

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Kim, I'm glad you're feeling better. Maybe it's just this time of year with the weird weather that's causing our creative mojo to start and stop like a model T. I'm going to force my creativity and work on one piece today.

Abi, thanks for the tips. I will have to look for the Puppen Fimo. My throat is much better but now the nose is plugged due to allergies. Can't win eh?

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