Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There is Something Going On

Sorry, no new pics just yet. I'm still trying to get over being discombobulated from the trip north. The temps we are having are those fit for August, not June. Sleeping so close to a fan hasn't helped my recovery of being as tired as a beaver making Hoover Dam II and now my sinuses have decided a sneak attack. Lovely summer. I can't do anything about it so I worked, strived to move on.

Yesterday didn't start out well. It was one of those, 'What the heck am I doing?' days. Who am I? What do I want out of life? What makes me think I can do this stuff? Yeah, I was whining and panicking. I quickly grew tired of the Bad Wendy assault and mentally slapped myself. Get a grip!

Am I doing a lot? Yes. Have I taken on too much? Probably. But if I'm not busy, creative busy, I don't feel alive. I've gotten to the point where I have to make things, write things. Creating and writing has finally gotten to the point where it's like breathing. I start to ache when I don't do something with my hands and my mind. It kind of doesn't matter if anyone sees it or not. These things are my creations.

Yesterday turned into a good day even though my head was swimming and my throat felt like the backside of a porcupine. I told myself that I would not cry and stopped thinking of all that was on my dinner table. I chose one thing and worked on it which started a domino effect.

I typed up my synopsis for book II of my Map Hunter series. It's the adventure I wanted to read when I was a kid. The adventure where the main character is a girl and she saves the realm without the aid of a boy. I wrote out my book arcs and then did chapter arcs. I did some reading. I was a voracious reader in my youth and early adulthood. I'm reading Terry Goodkind's 'Wizard's First Rule'. The TV series Legend of the Seeker comes from his books. I get a kick out of seeing his name appear in the credits of every episode, which leads to a new fan to go out and buy his books. I'm also reading 'Outlander' by Diana Gabaldon. I also wrote four new pages of an adult fantasy story. Which may or may not see completion but I wrote it.

I finally finished the first wrap of the Madonna foil doll. This morning I cut skin fabric to wrap her with. The fabric for her dress is ready and I pulled out the fabric for Sage's outfit. She's got to have a medicine pouch. I've got some nice light weight suede for that. I have to see if any friends have any mustard seed. That's suppose to be good for many things.

Also this morning I pulled out my manuscript for a pirate story with a twist. It's about a female pirate on the high seas. I had started it for last years NANOWRIMO and didn't finish. I want to find out where I am with it and see if it can be salvaged.

I've ordered wool batting to use over armatures for my needle felt pieces. The pirates, ghoulies, and witchies are yelling at me to get them done. Halloween is coming!

My goal is still the same. Something creative everyday. I am grateful that I have friends who tell me to take a break, or they rescue me from my apartment to go see a movie. Always battling demons of doubt and that it's too late for me to do what I want to do with my life.

It's never too late.

I may not get to everything but I'm going to give it one hell of a shot. I'm not done yet.


Abi said...

Indeed... better late than never!
Looking forward to the book and doll.... feel better soon X

Becky G said...

My dear Wendy.... amazing. I will be happy to bring you mustard seed next Monday... I'll be in knitting rather than applique... but after all it is just next door! Becky

Kim said...

Wendy- I hope you feel better soon-there's nothing worse than wanting to move forward and your body works against you! I have been struggling with Bad Kim lately- perhaps I need to follow your example and take one thing and work until it is finished. My brain just hops around lately- flipping from project to project, only half excited about any of them and not finishing anything. Your female pirate story- I want to read it!!! Sounds so incredibly cool! I'll stop babbling and echo your sentiments of it's never too late. As long as you have a will, there is some kind of a way- you just have to seek it out and push for it.....and if anyone can achieve it I am sure it is you Wendy. Just from reading your blog I know you are a strong, creative and determined woman. I KNOW you'll achieve all of your dreams, and more ♥

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