Monday, January 3, 2011

First dollies of 2011

I decided to relax over the weekend.  I had wanted to get right to work but asked myself when would I have a nice long weekend to celebrate a holiday again?  I mean, the next time off is Memorial Day.  So, I took a break.  I was invited by neighbors across the street to ring in the New Year.  It was very sweet of them, I went and had a ball.  The food was awesome.
    A relish dip of some sort with eggplant, onions, tomatoes; a roasted red pepper cheese; another herb cheese spread; mushrooms stuffed with chopped mushrooms and spinach; salad; bread, and rosemary herb bread; veggie and meat lasagna; spaghetti and huge meatballs; cookies, brownies, and tiramisu.  Of course, the vino and champagne when the clock struck midnight.  Good thing I lived across the street.

I didn't want to start off the new year by mentally berating myself for not doing anything.  I mean it's only day three.  So I cut myself some slack.  After watching movies for three days and seeing some extremely handsome men, I finished my first dolls of the year.

The Wandi Girls.  From left to right, Lexa, Wynn, and Cassa.

I just love this pattern and I have new clothing designs for them coming up.

 Wynn the Goth Girl.
 Cassa a Wandi Witch.
 Lexa, also a Wandi Witch and Cassa's BFF.

Is she sassy or what?

Cassa is a bit more demure.

Lexa is ready to have fun.  Or cast a spell on a termite.  They will be the first on my new Etsy shop.  That info will be posted very soon.  Cheers!


The Red Angel said...

Wow, that herb cheese spread sounds incredible.

I love the Wandi Girls! I think I like Cassa the most, her dress is super cute. You are extremely talented. :) I used to make dolls and doll clothing for fun when I was a child.


Kim said...

oh my gosh- I wish I had been invited to your neighbors too! What yummy food they served!!! Love the new dolls Wendy and I can't wait till your etsy shop opens :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Red Angel. One of the neighbors who cooked is going to help me with my reception spread for my one woman show in Oct. I'm drooling already.

I want you both to have wonderfully creative and prosperous 2011.

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