Friday, January 7, 2011


I have an acquaintance who used to have rats for pets.  I hear they make very good pets.  Well, I will take their word for it.  They are also very intelligent.  My pair of rats are the oh so cuddly type.  I got them from IKEA too.  They are my rat muses.  Maya named them Otis and Mildred.

The grey one is Otis.  He's got big feet.  Mildred is the one in white.  Or the one that is white.  Maybe I should make them winter sweaters.  They are going to be my models.  Won't be able to work on them until next month.  This month is Wandi doll month.


Steven W. Dunn said...

Happy New Year!
to my dear friend-
I love your rats, I love all of your creations and I love YOU!!
Yes, let's do touch each other soon in this new year and celebrate our lives and all that we create!

The Red Angel said...

These rats are so adorable! Otis is so sweet, I want him to come home with me. :3 Thanks for sharing.


CocoaChick said...

They are so cute!!! Yes, you should make them sweaters..or maybe hats:)

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