Friday, January 7, 2011

IKEA shelf

I pulled out an old recliner chair from my studio.  It had become a catch-all and it was in the way.  Plus, I needed room for some shelving.  So Maya and I went to IKEA to see what we could see.  It wasn't the first shelf I had seen some months ago.  Yeah, you know that saying, 'If you like it when you see it, you better get it.'  Lesson learned.  I think.  So here is my shelf.  One hour and 25 minutes of workout.

Next time, I have to remember to leave myself enough room to get around the project.  Also, a buddy would have been nice.  You know, you always need an extra set of hands.  A power tool would have helped along with wine and pizza.  Maybe a movie too.

Here is my new shelf in its place, where the recliner was.  I'm so excited!

Another shot and you can see some of my babies hanging up.  I've heard the horror stories of putting together IKEA furniture.  Someone wished me Godspeed.  Of course, I saw that as a challenge and it's a shelf.  Not an entertainment unit.  I am very proud of myself.  Toodles!

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Steven W. Dunn said...

Hey, friend
Every time you show your studio it gets better and better!
Love the new shelving and you.

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