Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Wandi- Snow

Finally, another dollie done.  She had been done for a week now, I just needed to attach her hand crocheted hat and shawl.  You can barely see but there is a beaded snowflake on her hat and one closes her shawl.

I'm a work in progress and working on getting better at photographing my pieces, so bare with me.  Her arms and legs are a light blue color.  I had a time working with the eyelash yarn.  It works better when the piece is knitted.  But she is done and I like her.  I will be posting her on Etsy.


The Red Angel said...

What an adorable dollie, Wendy! I absolutely love all the outfits you give to your dollies, they are so pretty.


Kim said...

I love her shawl and hat- I can see the snowflakes- they are perfect!! She's beautiful Wendy :)

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