Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March List

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and have a seat. Are you ready for this month's list? Here we go.

Hop to It block #2
1/4 more quilting of bunny wall hanging

Polish Map Hunter manuscript, send it off
Set up Kitchen for Script Frenzy

Beyond Positive Thinking
Ireland's Pirate Queen

5 Postcards
1 Painting
Rough sketches of Halloween paintings for Oct show
Design Halloween mug rugs

3 Ghostie Girls
1 Creative Mojo Man
2 Koji Bears covered
3 Koji Bears dressed
2 Mardi Gras skellies
6 Wandi Dolls finished
6 Wandi Mermaids
10 Day of the Dead ornaments

Not included are extra pieces for the film. I may be ready for a padded room with a view by the time this month is over. But if you're ready for a fun ride, join me.


Kim said...

I've been working on my list Wendy- don't have it ready yet- but later this week I will post. Your list is huge! Your fingers are going to be flying- maybe I better think of a superhero name for you!!! Good luck on your list this month- I'm so glad you do this because last month it sure did keep me on track last month :)

FarmGirl Arts and renEWEables said...

Wow! You go girl.
I just have too many interruptions: teenager, husband, sheep, health, etc.
Maybe some of it is needing to focus, too. Your list will help!
Love ya dahlink!


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