Thursday, March 31, 2011

See ya March!

It's the last day of the bloody month. Although it was saved by two doll sales, still... I don't know what the glitch was. Whether it was the change of the season, time change, the teasing by Mother Nature with early extra warm temperatures, getting sick (again), that super moon... what? I just don't know and it's over. Done. In the books. It's a wrap.

My list, well, we won't go there. Barely scratched it. I got four dolls done this month and that's sad. I did a lot of reading, finished two books. I even got back to writing, working to get into a daily habit of putting pen to paper. Yeah, that's old school but I've been doing it. I completed another quilt block that I've been getting rave compliments on. I made five postcards.

How many new projects did I add not doll related? One. A quilt. Yes, I'm more batty than bats in a well lit attic. A quarter into the year. At least right now I'm laughing. I can't explain why March was a failure. Something went haywire and I feel as if I'm coming off a bad carnival ride with a demented clown sitting next to me. Is that image burned into your brain? Good.

I really, honestly don't know what happened this month. I've neglected so many things. I think when I got one disappointment, and then the next, I started to unravel. It all took me by surprise and I kind of gave up. I think I need to burn some sage in my apartment to get rid of the negative energy. I used to do it on a regular basis and then I stopped. Well, will be getting some more sage tomorrow and have a creative blessing.

I've got nine more months in this year to go. I can still rock it. I know that there will be down times and I have to remember to take care of me. Because I'm important. So....



The Red Angel said...

Aw, don't give up hope yet Wendy! :) Even though you keep saying you've created only these few dolls or read that many books or done a single quilt, that's still something!! So give yourself a pat on the back anyway. Sure, quantity-wise you may not have met your goals, but everyone has those weeks--and, yes, months--when they lose a little steam.

And now you'll have even more motivation to do even better during this month of April!!!


Kim said...

It's April 1st-hoooray!! I didn't even get my list posted! I think we all have these kind of months- heck...I think I had this happen for half the year last year! Don't worry- it's a new day and a new month and I know you are going to attack it! Plus, you did get a lot done, it was just in areas not easy to photograph and share :) Reading and writing takes time and energy too--and 5 postcards- yea you! Your description of your month sounds like me and my "healthy living". We'll pick ourselves up and get back on the bus- right? :) Have a super weekend ♥

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks TRA. Kim, I'm glad it's a new day and month. I've thrown myself back on the creative train. You have a super weekend too.

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