Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm still going for fun things to do to celebrate my birthday each month for a whole year. I was invited to the BBB first cookout. Big Butt Brothers. A couple of guys who got together to start a meat smoking business. I've tried some of the meats before, they make their own sausage and then smoke it. They have a their first big gig in a couple of weeks and wanted to try out their super duper smoker.

It is huge and can hold a ton of meat. I don't know if that is the exact amount but you get the idea. They smoked homemade sausage, ribs, brisket, pork, boar, these wonderful bacon wrapped sausage, and I want to say venison. There was also a wonderful zesty cold slaw, homemade hush puppies, and baked beans. It was a success and oh so good.

Smoking is much better than grilling because you don't have to worry about the carcinogens in the dark parts due to grilling.

This back section is where the wood goes and the fire is stoked.

A better picture of the smoker that was made by the guys. It can be hitched to a trailer and pulled to bar-b-cue festivals and shows. When I first saw it, I called it a mini submarine. I had a great time.

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Kim said...

that smoker is so cool! Now my mouth is watering for smoked sausage and veniso. mmmmmmmm!

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