Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sushi Night

The Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery has How 2 Night. It's a way to showcase the artists and local restaurants and caterers. The artist will demonstrate or discuss how they create their work and more than likely there's some sort of wine or beer tasting.

This month there was sushi for dummies. I love sushi and have always wanted to make my own but it seemed so difficult. Chef Melissa Mirchandani of Mise En Place catering demystified sushi preparation. Kathleen Barnes of 6th & Vine Restaurant and Bar, served a Peach flavored plum wine.

Learned that the sushi with the seaweed on the outside can't have a lot of fixings on the inside. Makes for difficult rolling.

In the above picture is blanched asparagus, avocado, red pepper, cucumber and Heart's of Palm. It's good to have everything that you need sliced and ready. I was introduced to Ponzu Sauce which is a bit sweeter than soy sauce. All of the ingredients Chef Melissa got from on of the local grocery stores. Also good to know. I don't have to find a special market to get ingredients. We'd also be able to get the grade A salmon there too.

You've got to keep your hands wet because the rice is sticky.

The prep time for the rice takes the longest. You have to rinse it well and that helps it to be sticky. Rinsing and cooking can take an hour.

It was as good as it looked. It helps to have a sharp knife too.

Because the rice is sticky, you can form it into different shapes.

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Kim said...

I love how pretty sushi always looks. I did not know that the rice needed to be sticky- very interesting! I think if I lived near the Piedmont Craftsman Gallery I would go to every single How 2 Night-how awesome!

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