Monday, September 5, 2011

Silas and Manfred

Hello September. I was hoping for some cooler days but they haven't shown up in these parts just yet. I'm waitin'. I'm still a waitin'.

I finally finished Manfred the Maniacal Pumpkin and he's got his buddy Silas the Scarecrow and they're about to head out to a party of ghoulish proportions. Or something. They have been wet and then needle felted.

The leaves are cut out of felt and felted wool fabric. Some of them I embroidered veins on them.

I made Silas's hood and it has been distressed. I made his hat out of upholstery fabric. The tie around his neck was a tie from around a bag of cornmeal from a local mill. I had made my last batch of cornbread muffins and I liked the string that held the bag closed. Re-purposing is great. I painted both candle stick holders black and then used orange, yellow, and gold as accents.

Silas has mismatched button eyes, French knots for his nose and embroidered mouth. He does have rosy cheeks too.

We know which one will be the more responsible one. Or do we?


Kim said...

oh Wendy- I love, love, love them! I think I like Manfred the best because of his evil expression- he just looks like he has a bad idea all planned out! I just got a new book and read about wet felting before needle felting- I can't wait to try it out....but work is eating up my time. I think I need to get a notebook and write down all the ideas spinning in my head to go back to when life settles down :) The weather has cooled a bit here- I'm trying to blow some of it your way :)

Ascension said...

Absolutamente fantastico!!!!!
Me encantan.
besitos ascension

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