Sunday, November 13, 2011

Visitor From Up North

My friend Kellie is here in town for the weekend. She visits me once a year and we do the girl thing. I picked her up from the airport on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and I wasn't paying attention, so I missed the exit to the terminal. I turned around, thought to myself that this doesn't look familiar. I ended up at the departure terminal instead of the arrival terminal. Silly me. So I parked, walked inside, I went downstairs and there was Kellie waiting for me. Outside.

She was surprised that I had come from inside the building. We hugged and laughed and I told her that the day was so beautiful, I wasn't paying attention. We laughed some more, got to my vehicle and took off. We got her gear back to my apartment and I introduced her to some of my neighbors and their pooch Obe, short for Oberon. Kellie spilled the beans that she brought me homemade chocolate chip cranberry cookies. I said 'thanks a lot, now I'll have to share.' My neighbors didn't expect to see any cookies this weekend. I don't think introducing them was such a good idea.

Then we went to a new restaurant called The District.  I ordered two different beers that they were out of.  I finally got one called Red Oak which was very tasty. We had a southwest soup and spinach/cheese/blue crab dip. Wonderful!!! We also met and talked to the owner who gave us a tour. We saw the awesomeness of their wine cabinet. Probably not the right word for it but here it is.

Then we went to Walmart and did some crazy 'you know what' shopping. Kellie gave me an early Christmas gift. One of groceries. Two carts and a gazillion bags which will be repurposed into art. Kellie also met Maya. They started talk as if they had known each other, like since forever and it wasn't looking good for me. I mean, they were gathering info to gang up on me. It's all good. I've got my own secret weapon. *insert evil cackle*

Today we went to Cagney's and had a good breakfast for the long day ahead. We then went printer shopping to Office Depot, Big Lots, Target, Sam's Club. All the while experiencing Christmas... stuff.  Trees, lights, lights on wreaths to put outside, animated thingies to put outside, holiday dishes (some were very cute, I really liked the Snoopy on his doghouse mug and I may have to go back and get that), more lights.

From there we went to the Reynolda House Museum of American Art and saw the exhibit Modern Masters from the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It was very nice. I'm not a big fan of abstract art but I enjoyed most of what was there. And the flood of artist's names came back to me from when I studied art history many moons ago. I still didn't like the ones I didn't like back then. Oh well. We also took the tour of the house. We both loved all the huge fireplaces. It would've been great playing hide-n-seek in that house. There is a costume section in the attic and I found out that I can sketch the clothing that the Reynolds wore back in the day. They were tiny people.

We got there a bit early so we walked some of the grounds and this is what I saw.

Beautiful little flowers hanging on. It was supposed to be 60 degrees today but with the wind blowing and the clouds moving in, I don't believe it made it past the upper 50s.

This is the fountain (closed up for the winter) in front of the Reynolda House.

 This is the way to the garden which looked very lonely because all the flowers were gone and the leaves were being blown from the trees.

After the Reynolda House we went to SECCA. Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. We enjoyed walking through the old Hanes house and then to where the exhibits were.

The main exhibit that was going on was called Out of Fashion. Artist and designers from across North Carolina produce works of art dealing with the history of making fabric, clothing design, how their history and the history of the industry impacted their work. It was a very unique and interesting show. Yeah, I got some ideas for dolls too. As if I need any more ideas.

By the time we left there it was getting late. We were tired and hungry, so we went to Sakura. A Japanese restaurant. I'd been there before with Maya and Amanda and had sushi. It was Kellie's first time. We had Japanese Egg Roll (crab meat, cream cheese, asparagus rolled and fried), Japanese Volcano Dip w/crackers (crabmeat, scallops and shrimp baked w/special sauce). Those were the appetizers. Kellie had the salmon and jumbo shrimp combo and I had the Kabayaki Bento Box. Yummy!

Kabayaki Bento Box: large eel filet in BBQ sauce, 4 pieces California roll, Vegetable Tempura and Seaweed Salad.

I also had a glass of Kensen Plum wine. Yeah baby! I want to fall asleep as I write this. It was a great day, with a great friend. We both will sleep good tonight. I have caught up to celebrating each month for the year.

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