Monday, November 7, 2011

Voodoo Mummy Doll Pins

A little late but better than never, right? Here is my quartet of Voodoo Mummy Doll Pins. From right to left:

Merlot, Mo, Maeve, and Maurice. I made them little Egyptian type girdles with beads. They have the trademarked stripe legs and wool heart like my first Voodoo Doll Pins. I'm working on some winter ones. I think they're kind of cute and a bit worse for wear. Ha!

I'm behind on my NaNo so I don't have an updated count. Probably tomorrow. Plus more dolls. I've got so many naked babies lying around. I helped my pals at Butt Bros. BBQ this past Saturday at the Persimmon Festival in Colfax, NC. It was a success, we sold out of brisket, pork shots, and almost the pulled pork. We got so many comments. It was a beautiful day but oh so cold. I was frozen to one spot and didn't thaw out until Sunday evening. Off to write. Have a happy day.

I'd also like to welcome Hobbyaholic aka April to the party.


Freaks, Geeks and Beauties said...

I really do love these dollies. Great job!

Kim said...

LOVE their belts- the bead with the eye looking symbol is fantastic! Now I want barbecue pork for dinner! Have a creative week Wendy ♥

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Freaks, Geeks, and Beauties. I'm really working to get the larger version done.

I love their belts too Kim. I wanted to make an Egyptian collar but the price would have sky rocketed. One day you'll have to come and have some NC pulled pork and brisket. Joel has a mean cole slaw recipe too.

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