Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Project Done

Hello there. Yes, I missed two posts and I apologize. Still working out the kinks of being self employed. Managing the fear a little bit better and it's wonderful having a friend who keeps me on track. Maya was the second friend I made when I moved to North Carolina. She believes in me, my talent, and what I can accomplish. She's a wonderful writer and she really helps with seeing things above, around, and under my box. I'm still working on saying and enjoying what I have done each day, instead of what I haven't done with my artwork. That is a challenge.

I have been keeping track of my creative hours and for the past three weeks I've averaged 40 hours each week. I was shocked, yet pleased. I have proven to myself that I can put the hours in. Now I will work on using my creative time to accomplish what I really want to do, which is editing my manuscript and making one-of-a-kind figures for sell, along with continuing my other creative fun. I do want to do one more hand puppet and start pitching it for summer workshops for kids. I'll get started on that one today. But first...

I finished my chemise for the Jane Austen Regency Wardrobe Challenge. I hung it on a hanger to take a pic and then told myself to go ahead and try it on. Silly me, of course I should try it on. When I bought the fabric it was quite light weight but then I washed it and the weave tightened. Because of budget constraints, I had to go ahead and make it. There's nothing saying I can't make another with really nice batiste, nicer grade muslin, or fine linen. I tried it on and oh my gosh! It's so comfortable and would make a wonderful house dress for the summer. It was very airy and soft. I've got to make one just to wear around the apartment. Here it is, minus me.

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Kim said...

so does it come down to your knees? It's really pretty- I am intrigued because it looks like the kind of thing I would also like to wear at night in the summertime. I don't think I would know the first thing about the right material though. I have to tell you that you have inspired me to sign up for a "sewing basics" class so I can learn to love my sewing machine. It's at the end of August- I can hardly wait. I am so happy to read that the days are getting better and with less fear. Your friend sounds wonderful- I'm glad she is in your life :)♥♥♥

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