Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blue Ridge Adventure Part II


 Sometimes when we would come out of fog from around a bend, I'd be waiting to see a headless horseman or some spooky specter. Nothing.

 Things being boarded up for the winter.

 This was a unique picnic area. There was a meandering stream throughout the park and tables were set up around.

 In a couple of spots, there were these stones in the stream so you can cross over to small islands. I did cross here and got wet. Cold but fun.

The water wasn't that deep and I didn't get wet until on my way back. We also saw a small herd of deer. From Asheville, we drove to Blowing Rock and stopped at Kilwins to get caramel apples. Not just any caramel apple, I got a turtle caramel apple with pecans and chocolate. Oh my goodness! I love Blowing Rock too. It's a very nice little town. I love the small shops and eateries. Then we headed to Boone where we had dinner. I love fall and I love the mountains. I really could live in the mountains. We got back home around 8 on the PM and we were beat. But I was invigorated creatively and ready to take on my next artistic challenge.


Kim said...

I want to walk across those stepping stones soooooo bad!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I was trying very hard not to get wet because it was so cold outside. I don't think the temps got out of the 40s that day. It was damp, foggy, no sun. But I just had to try. It was all good.

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