Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creative Battery Recharge

I'm late again. I know. Last week yesterday, Maya and I went on an adventure to see some fall color. We started out at 8 on the AM and headed west. We went through a bit of Pisgah National Forest and were a bit disappointed because it was sprinkling and quite foggy. We were hoping that the sun would come out but Mother Nature had her own agenda for the day. Our first stop was to the Folk Art Center, Southern Highland Guilds shop and gallery. It was wonderful. There was a small shop for the tourists (maps of the Blue Ridge Parkway, mountain music, t-shirts, etc), then the larger shop with the work from the guild members. Very nice work. Quilts lined the walls. Upstairs was the gallery for their private collection of guild members of the past. There was another gallery on the second floor where they had themed shows. The show this time was a Black and White show. Wonderful artwork. From fiber (on the walls to wearables), dolls, clay, jewelry. I recognized many of the artists and I finally saw some Ellen Turner pieces. She'd been one of my favorite doll artists when I was younger and I had no idea her pieces were quite large. Three feet tall almost.

On our way out of the Folk Art Center, we saw this wonderful roadster. I would love, love, love to have one of these.

We continued onto the parkway and the fog surrounded us. We were a bit disappointed but as we went further along, we enjoyed the foggy weather. It was quite atmospheric in places. Especially coming around bends, going into tunnels, and sometimes there were whiteout conditions and then a shock of color.

We made a detour through Asheville, which I also love. And I couldn't believe all the wonderful street art I saw. Then it was back on the Blue Ridge.

 I love this lonely picnic table waiting for next summer to get here.

Little flowers hanging on.

 Lichen. I've always seen moss but not lichen.


Kim said...

I just looked at your last two posts- how beautiful! I'm so glad you brought your camera along- it's almost like I got to go with :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I'm so glad you liked the pics Kim! We were hoping that the sun would come out a bit but it didn't. I now have research for bad weather when I write my stories.

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