Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pictureless Post

Here's a quickie. I am now in the 21st century. I have acquired a smart phone. I didn't want to but I want to be able to accept credit cards at future craft shows, so I had to make the plunge. The learning curve is steep. I feel like I've got gloves on when I use the darn thing. I will probably have to go back to my carrier and get some lessons. What happened to detailed instruction booklets? I haven't figured out if I can set an alarm. I did that with my old phone because I don't have a clock. And can I add tones for individual people who call me? Not that I get a ton of calls anyway.

While trying to figure some things out, I called a friend in another state. I thought I had stopped the call before it went through but I wasn't fast enough.  She called me back in a couple of minutes asking if everything was okay because I don't call her midday.  Ever.  She said she was about to gas up her car and make a drive from Michigan to North Carolina. I apologized for worrying her and told her about the new phone. We both laughed and she assured me that I will figure out my phone very soon.  It's nice to know that I have people who will come after me if I'm in trouble.

Back to making ornaments!


Kim said...

wooo hooo!! I don't have a smart phone- my only phone is a work cell phone and it's a flip phone-lol! I only have it so I can call the drivers. We don't even have a home phone-so I guess you are now more advanced than me-lol! congrats on the new phone- hope it gets easier to learn to use as you go!

Wendy Lu said...

Congratulations on getting a smartphone! :) It makes things SO much more convenient for me, particularly because part of my specialty as a journalism major is social media. I constantly have to be connected, and my iPhone lets me be just that.

I'm sure you will get used to it with time! Honestly, I am still figuring out features on my phone that I didn't know it had, and I've had mine since May haha.

~Wendy Lu

The Red Angel Blog

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim and Wendy Lu 2. The new thing is so foreign and it seems like I'm wearing gloves trying to work the thing. Or like an elephant trying to pick up a needle. I do need to give myself some credit though and maybe by the end of 2013, I would have figured it out. :D

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