Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yesterday morning on my way to the shop Olde Mill Eclective, the sun was shining and it was quite balmy at 52 degrees.  It looked and felt like spring except for the semi- and leafless trees, and piles of brown leaves on the ground.  I had to remind myself that it is December.  I don't mind the mild weather but i had to slay a stink bug the night before last.  I've kind of had enough of them this year.  Be gone!  I need a break. Which means we need some cold weather and snow.  Which we won't be getting for Christmas.

The Krankies Holiday Craft Fair was very good.  I won't have to live in a box quite yet.  Thank goodness for the credit card reader.  Whoever came up with that, I hope he/she is living it up.  That little program made my weekend.  It took me almost two days to recover and I still picked up a bug. I have one more show this year.  It's a late one but I'll take it.

At the Krankies show, there were a few people who thought some of my work too creepy.  They obviously haven't been web surfing because my items are quite tame compared to other creations out there.  I didn't fret, I just told myself that they weren't my audience and I smiled for the next person.  I received many compliments on my work.  People who had bought things as gifts last year, came back with reports that the items were well received.  New people who looked at my table from across the room, walked over and just smiled.  There were people who took time to look and began to laugh.  Those who looked at my work, walked away and came back to smile and laugh some more.  Both males and females did this.  And the best compliment of all was from a woman who said she loved how I had a variety of things but could tell they were all my creations.  She pointed out how each face, even the needle felted ones, had their own personality.  I was on a cloud.  Talk about a creative ego boost.  Exactly what I needed.  It's one thing when family and friends tell you your work is great but when you have fans and total strangers love it and the way I think, that is just so awesome.  A great feeling to wrap up the end of the year.

Now, I have a boat load of ideas from all over the place.  But first, I must blitz the apartment and studio.  I can't find a darn thing.  There's stuff on the floor of my studio and I've created a path.  The room isn't even that big.  Yikes!  It needs to be done, so I'll start this week.  Through the sniffles.  A little bit at a time.

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