Friday, December 21, 2012

Well, what do you know?

We're still here.  Those Mayans... what jokesters. Hardy har, har.

Well, I'm glad I'm still here.  Got lots more creating to do.  I'm glad you're still here too.  Welcome.  Yesterday Maya and I painted a mural on a friend's nursery wall.  It's for Amanda's baby who will be here in March.  It was also Amanda's Christmas/Birthday gift from me and Maya.  This was planned back in November, on Thanksgiving Day between me, Maya, and Dennis (Amanda's husband) all while Amanda was in hearing distance.  She didn't have a clue.  Maya had an idea and told me and then I came up with some ideas.

I got up stinking early to get myself over to Maya's so we could get to Amanda's. We had to make a coffee stop or were just weren't going to be any good that morning.  We got to the house, pulled out our supplies and Maya had forgotten her sketch. It didn't matter. But then the wall she was going to put the mural on was packed with baby stuff. Dennis had moved everything over so that we could make use of the largest wall. Even better.  We were about to start drawing and Maya couldn't remember how they were spelling the baby's name. I said no 'h', so Maya called Dennis, again.  Then we got going.  Giggling all the way.  Both of use injured (she had burned her hand and my thumb is still bothering me) and trying not to elbow each other.

I did the people and fairies and other items.  Maya was the flower Queen.

We incorporated things that mom and dad liked.

This could be Zanna Joy reading.  Her mom loves to read.

Amanda loves bats, and she and Dennis love UFOs and aliens.  The lady bug is sporting sunglasses and is attached to a balloon.

Dad Dennis loves skulls.

We both signed our masterpiece.  And I put the date before the end of the world.

Here is the final.  All of this done between 9:30 AM and about 3:00 PM.  We did break for lunch and it was all freehand.  Dennis almost cried because he wasn't expecting what we did.  Amanda, when she finally saw it, was just in awe and it was great watching her pick out the details.  Already she's planning on asking Zanna to make up stories from what's in the mural.  She's planning a story a day.  That is so awesome!


Kim said...

ahhhh- I have some tears in my eyes too- what a wonderful gift and to have so many personal touches- it is adorable and so heartfelt Wendy- amazing. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that 2013 brings you good things and heals up that thumb ♥

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. The mom-to-be is still thrilled about it. Sometimes being sneaky pays off in a good way.

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