Saturday, October 5, 2013

Soft Sculpture Workshop 3

Day one of the workshop produced a nice face padded with foam and a layer of batting.  Day two was spent covering the face with panty hose and tacking it in place.  That was a long day and by the time it was over, my eyeballs were protesting.  A lot.  I think that was the toughest day.  Day three we worked with eyelashes, learning to mix paint for the lips, mixing pastels for the finishing.  Lisa likes to paint very light because she wants the modeling of the foam and batting to show through the hose.  I painted my miss (no longer a guy) and got her lashes on.  I will probably trim her lashes again and add a bit more pastel to her face.

Don't you just love those alien eyes?

The marble eyes have been turned around so as not to get glue or scratch the painted eyes.

The eyebrows are stitched on in layers and several different colors.  I want to add a bit more color to her face.

Me and her.  No name just yet.  I will add the back of her head and a very large body.  She'll be the only one.  I don't have much room in my apartment but she is bugging me to be finished.

Me and Lisa and our faces.  It was good to see Lisa make one along side of us so we knew what was going on.  Lisa also gave us a DVD of all the steps of what we did that weekend because we didn't have time to take notes.  Is that cool or what?

Marcia and her work.  Sorry about the pics because this one was a cutie.

Dawn and her piece.  Also wonderful.  She had wanted to make a male and hers did a change too.  Actually, her face still can go either way.

Patty and her cutie.  Patty was the one who asked some good questions that Lisa will add to her next class.

The gang.


Wangari Mungai said...

I love the results of your efforts. One question: how do you cover up the seams when you apply the panty hose? I'm working on a Lisa inspired miniture soft sculpture doll, but I'm having trouble applying the panty hose so that the seam is not visible.

Wendy Luane Barber said...

We didn't use the part of the pantyhose with a seam. The pantyhose was pulled over the face, all stitches are in the back and will be hidden once the head is done. Any seams that do show are because of very tiny stitches. She does have DVDs for sale which explains it better.

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