Friday, February 6, 2015


Ha! Six days in and I'm a little behind. I have been journal writing and reading on the regular, I got a quilt in the mail, I designed a Halloween wall hanging so that I can machine applique it and I took a machine applique workshop today. I learned about tension using the stitch I want to use and which direction to take when placing one applique piece on top of another. Wow! Sue Lauer is an excellent instructor and I love the one-on-one time. I told her that she has created a monster. Bwahahaha! So this is what I did in class.

Another way of thinking with this process. I think I will like it. Here's my sketch for my piece.

Here are my first sketches. The fat cat was the first one and I didn't like him so much. So I stretched him out, giving more room for the hanging spider from his tail.

Here is my final sketch. You can see where I had first pencil marks and then redrew it, finally using marker to make the outline.

Here are all of the applique pieces that are prepped and ready to be stitched onto the backing fabric. I will stitch a few more flowers before doing this. I probably shouldn't have so many small pieces for my first big project but... I never really start off doing easy things. That's just how I roll. Stay tuned.

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