Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moving Right Along

I had a day off on Sunday. The power went out Saturday night and came back on Sunday afternoon. Went riding with a friend to the mountains- Pilot Mountain, Sauertown Mountains, and Hanging Rock. Saw some historic sites along the way. Yesterday I finished a quilt top. A study in black and white with a little red thrown in.

Today there will be some clean up in the sewing room. Gets real dusty working with cloth. I'll load up a new quilt on Leonidas, cut out undies for my Gail Wilson doll and start getting clothes together for my Halloween dolls. It snowed yesterday and most of the night then there was freezing rain. But the sun is out right now and things are starting to melt and thaw. That's a good thing and the power is still on. Also a good thing. Time to get back to it.

Have a happy day.

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