Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm Still Here

Yep, I'm still around. I'm looking for a new place to put my longarm machine. I think I may have a place but another place has come up too so I'll be looking at that one. It's going to be a bit crazy for the next two weeks while I make a decision and get everything moved and set up.

This is my new adventure. A friend helped me out when I got the machine and allowed me to set it up in his home. Now he's selling and I've got to move on. At first it was sad but now, it's quite all right. The Universe is continually moving to align itself with things that I'm supposed to go through. And now is the time to spread my wings and fly. I can't believe that next month, I would have had my longarm for a year. Crazy how time flies and now it's time for me to start having some fun. I'm behind on my faces but I will catch up. Here are two I did a few days ago.

I also have two quilts to work on, so I'll be busy with those and packing things up. I will work better on my postings.

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