Thursday, October 8, 2015


I wrote this this morning and just getting a chance to post it now.

It's Thursday and my second full day at the new studio. I am excited. Still meeting neighbors. There's so much I can do to decorate but I've got other projects to start, work on, and finish. No running around on errands today. Lots on the docket.

  • stitch down binding on a lap quilt
  • start cutting 2 1/2 inch squares of scrap fabric for some paper piecing which I've never done before
  • design some doll clothes
  • cut out a few more Halloween dolls
  • start some mug rugs
  • figure out some Halloween/Christmas ornaments
  • start a Tula Pink square from her book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks
  • prep for NANO, yes, I'm attempting it again. I seem to hit every other year and this is that year.
  • work on Sashiko
I've crossed over what I got done so far today. There are still a few more hours before bed where I can work on some other things after dinner. But, I do not like moving. I can't find a project I've been working on and I know I packed it but can't find it. Looked all over and nothing. Very frustrated. Of course it's a small project too. Ugh! Oh well, I'm sure it will show up. I hope it shows up now that I've figured out what to do with it.

Two and a half inch squares to paper piecing.

Colors selection for Tula Pink pattern number 9.

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