Monday, September 26, 2016

Moving Right Along

Yes, moving right along. When I started my latest voodoo dolls, I didn't like them. The fabric I got wasn't the greatest because that's what we get unless you go to the really expensive places. I would get to the next step and they still looked horrid and I was beginning to worry that maybe I shouldn't have taken on this task. But the little voice inside said to keep going and now they are beginning to look like something. I had made the Muddy Creek stamp but the ink that I used wasn't permanent so I painted the name following what I stamped. Looks a lot better and got eyes on.

And I have a new muse. His name is Mesmer Boris Ratchett. I got him today and he will be getting dressed up. His head moves and he's perfect for a huge project I started working on. Plus, he's my reward for sticking with the voodoo dolls. You have to reward yourself when you get to a certain point in a project and most definitely when you finish one. I've got to get into that habit. Reward myself with some chocolate or a magazine or something for a job well done. I deserve that.

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