Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Where Do I Want To Be?

Good question. I started on this yesterday by making a comment. I'm all for making plans. I think I'm up into the 900's or something. Plans are good but lately, my plans have been pooped on by the Blue Bird of Happiness or the Pouter Pixie. I guess pixies poop. Whatever. Plan, plan, plan. List after list after list. This year it hasn't gotten me anywhere. So I stopped to think why. Did some reading. And then I found something. That was missing. Along with the happiness and contentment and other things along that line. I'd lost my sense of wonder. Everything that I did had to have a reason for doing it. I wasn't having fun. Now that I have a part-time job it has put some things into perspective.
Maybe I can't get my 'eye of the tiger' back because my wonder has gone away. I've stopped asking 'what if''. I mean, I do that when I'm writing but not with anything else.

We get one shot at being on this planet. I've decided that I''m not done yet. There are some things that I don't like right now but it isn't the end of the world. Even though the Sword of Damocles is still swinging a little. I'm totally missing my weird side. And... and the biggest thing of all...

Whether I'm going somewhere alone or with someone riding shotgun. Or creating a whole new world. Or beings. Painting a picture. Taking a walk in the woods. Seeing what the ice cream tastes like at the new food joint. Trying a new recipe or getting back to playing dress up.

That's it!

I am now officially on an adventure. Going to do something wild, crazy, and unusual. It will be a very strange adventure. Yep. That's it. See ya!

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