Thursday, September 22, 2016


My newest batch of voodoo dolls is coming along. They are supposed to go into the Muddy Creek Music Hall for Halloween. It looks like I haven't shown any pics along the way, so I guess I'll do that now. I found some fabric at a local fabric store. I hate it when I find something I like, use it all, go back and they don't have it, go back again and they have it but it's not the same quality. Such is life I suppose. I started by tea dyeing the fabric.

I drew and carved the name of the music hall and made sure I did it right. You know, drawing it backwards on the stamp so that it prints the right way.

The first one. It's a different pattern from my first voodoo doll. So far so good.

I cut out and sewed ten and stamped their chests. Not bad but not great, so I will probably go back and add more detail.

I cut out and sewed ten more for a total of 20 and they are ready to be stuffed.

I also made a britches pattern and sewed up 20 pair. They are tiny.

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