Thursday, September 1, 2016


Yes, it's September. A new month. Not even through with the first day when i get news that my apartment rent will go up by 30 bucks. I didn't take it well at first but I guess everyone has to make money. It did take me a couple of hours to think about and reevaluate things and I'm still here.

I've decided to be positive because we all know that stuff happens to throw you off your course. I have a new plan and will make it work because I believe that it will get me out of my present situation. I still have a few hours in this first day of the new month and instead of sitting around thinking that nothing is working out. Which is very easy to do. I will take action to get to where I want. Forget naysayers, namely me, and forge ahead. Become a bull in a china shop. It's my life. I want to live it well. First I believe. Second, I take action. Everyday. And once in awhile reward myself. I like this quote from Anthony Robbins.

Today is not like yesterday.
And tomorrow will be different forever.

I will keep going. A bit more focused now. And I will be a bit more nicer to me. I keep forgetting to do that.

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