Friday, November 18, 2016

The Next Big Project

I know, I know. Starting another project before the first 85 are complete. Ha! That's not how this lady rolls. Actually, I started this project some time ago and it never went anywhere. I have always loved playing with dolls. Making clothes for them, writing stories for them. And then I turned thirteen and my mother thought I was too old to continue to play with them. That kind of hurt. I let it go and pursued other things. But guess what?

It's come back full circle. Now I just don't have baby doll, Barbie, and others I can't remember to dress and play with. They have dolls called Blythe and the Bentley of the wonderful dolls are BJDs or ball jointed dolls. I used to work in the theater too. Making costumes for others to wear. Watching them enjoy the limelight in one of my creations. Now, I can still enjoy the limelight of new costume creations. Only this time, the dolls don't talk back or jump if you stick them with a pin. And they're a lot smaller.

Until I get my own doll, a friend has allowed me to use her little one to get started with. He's an elf and I will start off with some elf/faerie/sprite outfits. I watched The Santa Clause yesterday and did some very rough and preliminary sketches. The movie is really cute and I remember when it first came out, how I fell in love with the elves. So, here are my first sketches. Thank goodness for the pause button.

These are in another sketchbook that needs to be filled. Maybe that will happen soon too. Have a good day.

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